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Same Day Dental Crowns (CEREC)

Same Day Dental Crowns (CEREC) is an expedient dental service that enables patients to receive immediate treatment for their dental issues, eliminating the need for multiple appointments and prolonged waiting periods.

This service is especially advantageous for patients encountering urgent denture-related concerns, offering prompt and efficient solutions.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Perth

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Retaining your wisdom teeth isn’t always the best choice.

In adulthood, numerous individuals face complications with their wisdom teeth, often caused by food entrapment and subsequent infections. In some cases, identifying the necessity for elective surgery to remove partially developed wisdom teeth in teenagers and young adults can prevent such issues. This aligns with the well-known dental principle of ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. Explore wisdom tooth removal in Perth to discover more.


Root Canal

Root canals are essential dental procedures aimed at reinstating the functionality of a tooth’s canal, preventing decay and related issues. When decay or damage extends to a tooth’s roots, the area can become inflamed, swollen, and infected.

A root canal treatment in Perth entails the removal of the affected portion of the tooth, followed by sanitation and the provision of new roots. This procedure effectively restores the tooth’s function and averts potential future damage.

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Dentures are removable dental appliances utilised to replace missing teeth. Crafted to closely mimic your natural teeth, they significantly enhance the aesthetics of your smile. Typically composed of acrylic, dentures can be either partial or full. Partial dentures are employed when some natural teeth remain, whereas full dentures are used when all teeth are missing.


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What our patients say

Google Review

Love this practice. I visit Jake who is always very understanding of my nervousness about visiting any dentist. He talks me through each process and makes me feel at ease ensuring I am comfortable each time. This is my preferred Dentist, I won’t go anywhere else!

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We have seen multiple dentists at this practice and we are always very pleased with the service from them. The team are kind and gentle, with good attention to detail. Even though my wife had a tricky case, the dentist explained the treatment very patiently and worked hard to help her fix her problem. I highly recommend coming here for your dental needs!

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I booked in to have my wisdom teeth removed and was super happy with the whole process. I was very nervous to have it done but Dr Jake Mitra and all the staff were really great and made me feel very comfortable. Won't be going to any other dentists for now on!

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Thanks again Jake for once more restoring my teeth to as new condition. The work you do in my case is close to magic and I am making the effort here to record same.Your continued search to keep up with the most modern of dental approaches has certainly been to my advantage and will be of benefit to all your patients.

Google Review

I’ve been coming here for several years to see Dr Jake Mitra and the service and expertise is exceptional. Very friendly staff and great atmosphere. Highly recommended!

winthrop Clinic
winthrop Clinic
winthrop Clinic
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You can book an appointment with us online or call us at 9312 1388.  Please note your dental appointment is considered confirmed at the time of booking.  We have reserved the time with our dentists, dental assistants and hygienists, especially for you.  We will contact you prior to your scheduled appointment with a courtesy reminder but ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that you arrive on time for your appointment.  We know that life can get in the way and if you need to reschedule, please give us at least one business day’s notice and we will be happy to find a time that better suits you.